Sleeping Positions and Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is actually an enjoyable time for most women. After they get through the first three months laden with hormonal changes, morning (afternoon and night) sickness and overload of senses sensitivity, it is a blissful time. Sleep is a necessary element in getting enough rest to have a successful pregnancy.

What to wear while sleeping?

Many pregnant women feel warm during the most part of gestation.
It is best to wear loose fitting clothing when you sleep to be more comfortable. Tight clothes will restrict your movement and possibly even restrict blood flow to some parts of your body. Many maternity sleepwear feature night gowns that one can wear even after you have given birth. Many have the empire cut and can be easy to use for breastfeeding as well.

Maternity pajamas need to be not so tight around the stomach area so make sure that the elastic is comfortable. Pajama tops made for pregnant women usually feature spacious areas in the stomach to accommodate your growing tummy. For those who prefer to sleep in their usual lingerie, there are those that are designed for pregnant women. These come in the usual satin or silk in various colors and designs that can satisfy the needs and wants of pregnant women.

The most important thing is to be comfortable when you are sleeping. You can even wear your tatty old clothes if you wish as long as you feel that you can sleep well in these. Getting as much sleep as you need is necessary for pregnant women.

Maternity Pillows for Pregnant Women

These pregnancy pillows come in various shapes and sizes and are usually firm for better support. Some of these pregnancy pillows are contoured to fit the shape of a pregnant woman sleeping on her side (side sleeping is recommended by doctors when you are on your last trimester).These can be really comfortable to use when sleeping because they support the belly and also support the spine and back to prevent backaches. Other shapes of maternity pillows are long and slight bent to accommodate a pregnant woman hugging it with her arms and legs.

The way that you usually sleep may be different from the way you sleep when you are pregnant. You will be able to learn what kind of pregnancy pillow you might need by the way you arrange you ordinary pillows when you sleep. You do not necessarily need to buy the specialized chiropractic pregnancy body pillows. Ordinary pillows will suffice in making you comfortable as you sleep. You can arrange the ordinary pillows to your liking.

Air Beds For Pregnant Women

Maternity air beds have been advertised to be comfortable and perfect for pregnant women. If you really think about it, maternity air beds are just like the ordinary air beds with some contouring in it to accommodate the expectant mother. They are susceptible to leaks and do not breathe well due to their vinyl material.

One drawback of a maternity air bed is the movement factor which may induce nausea in some people. Sometimes, the airbed is also more susceptible to chill than other beds due to the air inside it cooling as the night progresses. Although, many pregnant women feel excessively warm for most of their pregnancies, an overall chill may not be good for some. Acquiring a maternity air bed is actually dependent on the preferences of the individual pregnant woman. The important thing is to try it out first to see if you might like it.

Other Tips for a More Comfortable Sleep

Donít sleep immediately after a heavy meal: Sleeping immediately after a heavy meal can result to heartburn. The thing is sometimes pregnant women feel drowsy after meals and wants to sleep; to avoid possible heartburn, it is best to prop up your upper body. You might also like to take it easy on the spicy food to reduce the risk of heartburn and other digestive problems. This also works even when you are not pregnant.

Take bath in lukewarm water: If you are having a hard time sleeping during the later days of pregnancy, taking a warm bath before sleeping may help you sleep better. It can also help you feel more comfortable and clean. The grimy and sticky feeling of not being clean during sleep can sometimes keep you awake. Avoid water that is too hot as this may elevate your blood pressure. Be careful when soaking in the tub as this can be slippery and you are not used to the extra weight which may make you feel unbalanced.

Sleep whenever you feel like it: Pregnant women are encouraged to sleep when they feel like it. This is our body saying that we need to rest and when we are pregnant, we need a lot of rest since our body is undergoing monumental changes. Taking a nap once a day is good for you but when you feel excessively sleepy throughout the day, you might like to consult a doctor.

Best sleeping position for pregnancy women: Sleeping on your left side is said to increase blood flow to your uterus aiding in your babyís development as well a supplying blood and oxygen to most of your vital organs. This is the best sleeping position for a pregnant woman. When you are in the 5th or 6th month, your doctor will encourage you to sleep on your side to avoid squashing your organs with the babyís weight. You might also like to elevate your upper body to facilitate proper breathing during the last trimester. Avoid sleeping on your belly.

These are just a few tips that will hopefully help you achieve better sleep during your pregnancy. > Home